03/29/2020 – Alex has ranked every Britney Spears song. Also: there’s analysis of the Democratic primary from earlier in the month. Also: check out Alex’s new Twitter documenting unsettling realities in the US.

02/20/2020 – Two new pieces up: one on the case for Bernie Sanders, one on the general state of the race

02/04/2020New piece up on the need to abolish the Iowa caucuses, plus Part II of Alex’s musings on the impeachment drama.

01/15/2020 – We’re back! Alex has a new piece up about the Sanders-Warren feud.

11/17/2019 – Two new pieces over the last week: one defending Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax, and another criticizing the swooning narrative over Pete Buttigieg.

10/28/2019 – Two new pieces up since last time! One essay on the need for student loan forgiveness, and another trolling you with my absurd Hillary Clinton 2020 daydreams.

10/13/2019 – Another entry in the Pop Music Vault from Alex, taking a look at the 10th anniversary of Rihanna’s Rated R

10/06/2019 – Two new pieces by Alex: one on forgiveness in Christianity, and the other introducing a new series in which he’ll be sharing some of his favorite songs by pop divas…first up: Rihanna’s ‘Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary’…

09/27/2019 – Two new pieces this week: one by Alex about the impeachment drama, the psychology behind Trump’s outrageous tactics, and the plot to frame the Bidens, and Rob’s debut piece on how government can help rebuild the middle class (which received a shout-out from Bloomberg’s Noah Smith on Twitter!).

09/11/2019 – Alex responds to those Democrats who are skeptical of nominating Elizabeth Warren for president. Alex would also like to thank (belatedly) David Kerner for financial assistance! We are truly very grateful; the site is up and running because of David!

09/07/2019 – New piece up by Alex on the foolishness of those calling for a second ‘Brexit’ referendum.

08/30/2019 – Two new pieces by Alex are up: one about Kirsten Gillibrand dropping out of the presidential race, and one addressing, as a gay person entering the ministry, the basic concerns and questions people often bring up — sometimes in good faith and sometimes in bad faith — about Christianity and homosexuality. The site’s Facebook page is also up.

08/24/2019 – Welcome to the American Oracle! We’re here to do the jobs the pundits won’t do: namely, provide the world with clear-sighted, competent, and compassionate analysis of world events. From politics and economics to philosophy and theology to history and psychology, and a little pop culture, if it’s important and we have something worth saying, that’s what we’ll talk about. And if we don’t have something worth saying, we’ll try to keep our mouths shut.

Today, August 24th, 2019, is the launch of the site! Alex Knepper debuts the site with a long-form essay: “Imaginary Capitalism and Actually-Existing Capitalism: The Case Against the New American Capitalist Ideology“. This piece, which many readers on social media have been anticipating, marks Alex’s definitive general statement explaining his move from right to left on economics. Like most of our other new pieces, it can be found in the ‘New Visions‘ section.

Make sure to also check out the ‘About Us’ page to see who’s on board. Much more is to come, including audio and video features.


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